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Radha Madhav Society (UK)' s Events Blog brings you up-to-date JKP and RMS UK News and information as well as detail on Didi Ji's forthcoming lectures and kirtan programmes in the UK, Hong Kong and India. Click here for photos of past events

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Many devotees get in touch with us to host a sankirtan programme at their residence. During these events Didi Ji beautifully explains each verse of the sankirtan so the audience gains both spiritual knowledge as well as spiritual upliftment through chanting. Do get in touch with us on 0800 043 0902 if you are interested in attending.


Janmashtami celebrations in London!

We all love to celebrate birthdays of our near and dear ones.  However, how often do we celebrate with the same intensity the birthday of the soul of our souls, the supreme Soul also known as Paramatma,  Bhagvan Shri Krishna.     We certainly have this opportunity in just a few days time.....It is indeed our great fortune that HH Dr Bageeshwari Devi will be coming to London and will be enthralling the audience with stories of the sweet pastimes of Shri Krishna.   This will be combined with inspiring devotional keertans by Respected Didiji that will capture both our heart and minds and as a result spontaneously develop our love for Shri Krishna.

We look forward to joining you later on today for the celebrations at
 7.30pm till midnight
There will also be a cultural programme which will depict pastimes of the Shri Krishna in Braj.
Delicious food will be served.

Holy Mission
Sindhi Community House

318 Cricklewood

Radhe Radhe.


Radhey Radhey Devotees,

We are fortunate to have live broadcasts from Prem Mandir (Vrindavan), which is where Shri Maharaj Ji will be celebrating Janmashtami this year.

This opportunity allows us to experience the enthralling divine atmosphere and energy of the Vrindavan, during the celebrations of Lord Krishna's birthday; from the comfort of our homes.

The timings are below. Please note these are INDIAN TIMINGS (so you will need to adjust the timings in order to watch the live broadcast in your country). 


Channel Name  Activity 
AAJ TAK  Live from Prem Mandir

from 2345hrs to 0015 hrs

Zee News  Live from Prem Mandir

from 2345 hrs to 0015 hrs

ABVP News package
India TV Live from Prem Mandir
from 2345hrs to 0015 hrs

NDTV INDIA Live from Prem Mandir from 2345hrs to 0015 hrs
News 24 Live from Prem Mandir at 2345hrs to 0015hrs

IBN 7  Live from Prem Mandir at 2345hrs to 0015hrs

Sahara up & uk Live from Prem Mandir at 2345hrs to 0015hrs

Neo channel Live from Prem Mandir at 2345hrs to 0015hrs
Radhe Radhe.

The Joy of Meditation - A series of 3 lectures in London - September

The Joy of Meditation
Most meditation techniques used by different people do not touch the issue of purification of the mind.
Everlasting joy can only be experienced when the mind is treated.
Come and
listen to the unique wisdom of how the mind can be treated from H. H. Dr. Bageeshwari Devi in London. There will be a series of 3 lectures which will shine profound knowledge on the matter of meditation and mind purification.
Dates & Times:
September 6th-8th, 2013
Friday: 7.30pm –9pm
Saturday: 5pm-6.30pm
Sunday: 10.30am-12pm

Maha Laksmi Vidya Bhavan
Honor Oak Park
Forest Hill
SE23 3LE 

The flyer has been attached below. We look forward to seeing you, all are welcome!

Mana shuddha kara tu manà, guru degà divya banà
Your duty as a sàdhaka (spiritual aspirant) is to purify the mind by devotional practice. Then your Guru will make it divine.
Radhe Radhe.
RMSUK. x  

Raksha Bandan programme - Leicester

Raksha Bandan is a Hindu festival, which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. Many of us verbally iterate that God is our every relationship; including that of a mother, father, brother, son and friend. 
Why not spend a couple of hours in the delight of some luxurious devotional chantings and divine lectures by H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji; on the subject of Raksha Bandan.
We are extremely fortunate to have Didijis presence this Raksha Bandan therefore we warmly welcome you to Shyam Sadan (Leicester) on this auspicious occasion. 

Date: Sunday 18th August
Time: 2pm-5pm
Shyam Sadan
109 Edgehill Road
Leicester. LE4 9ED. UK

Free delicious Indian food will be served after the program so we will see you there :) 

Chàrom nàtà hari se manà, svàmi sakhà suta sajanà.
O mind! You have all four relationships with Shyàmsundara as your Master, your Friend, your Son and your beloved.

Radhe Radhe.
RMSUK. x  

Programs in Frankfurt, Germany.

Radhe Radhe Devotees,

As we promised, below are the details of Respected H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji's programs in Frankfurt. 
If you are in the area, please do not miss the rare opportunity of meeting Didiji whilst she is in Germany.

After each program, there will be a Q&A (Question & Answer) session, for those of you who are inquisitive and want to know more. H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji beautifully speaks in Hindi, Punjabi and English therefore questions are most welcome in any language.  There is also opportunities to personally meet Didiji so please contact; Mr. Virendra Chadha on 0049-69-231013 if need be. 
1) Topic: Be happy! Every Moment of your life..
Everyone wants to be happy. Yet rarely do we meet people who truly are! Why is this? With all the stress and pressure of life, we are all too busy to give this matter any real thought. As a result, the quality of our life is suffering and everything is affected – health, relationships, prosperity, outlook...
Come and listen to H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji shine profound philosophy on such an important topic in our daily lives.

Morsestrasse 32
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Dates & Time
Sunday 11th August 2013 12:00pm – 14:30pm
Monday 12th August 2013 17:00pm – 19:00pm

For further details please contact:
Mr Vasant Bhatia on 0176-27502017
Mr Varinder Chadha 0152 10311599

2) Topic: Divine Discourse & Sankeertan (Devotional chantings)
 H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji will be giving a divine discourse, along with some divine devotional chantings which will encapture your heart. Do not miss this most unique experience in Germany. All are welcome. 

Salzschlirfer strasse-12
60386 Frankfurt AM Main

Date & Time
Tuesday 13th August 2013  2pm - 4pm

For further details please contact:
 Mr Krishan K Kapoor – 0157 88082781
Mr Pawan Kapoor – 0173 3261863


Keep watching this space for more updates on H. H. Dr Bageeshwari Deviji's programs in Germany! 
Radhe Radhe.
RMSUK. x  

Learning to love - August - Location: Nuneaton

Radhe Radhe,

H. H. Respected Didiji will be giving a a 3 day discourse  in Nuneaton on the subject of
'Learning to Love'
Do not miss the grand opportunity of participating in devotional chantings, and listening to profound lectures on the topic of LOVE, a term which we are all familiar with. Please warmly welcome your family and friends, as this event is open to the public and free to attend.

… in august                                                 … venue

FRI 30ST   7-8:30pm                                   Shri Hindu Gujarati Samaj Centre

SAT 31ST  5-6:30pm                                   45 Upper Abbey Street

SUN 1ST  5-6:30pm                                    Nuneaton CV11 5DH

The flyer has been posted below in both Nepali & English for your convenience. 

Jaga to hai màya kà banà, ika hari hi hai apanà.
The world is made of matter, the gross form of the power of God, known as màyà. 
Shyàmasundara, being divine, is alone ours (as we are divine souls). 

Hope to see you there! 
Radhe Radhe.

RMSUK. x  

Didiji currently in Frankfurt, GERMANY!

Radhe Radhe,

Respected Didiji will be visiting Germany, and staying in the beautiful city of Frankfurt from the 10th August for approximately 8 days.

There will be several programs during this visit, including spiritual discourses and devotional chantings. This is the first time Respected Didiji is visiting Germany, on request of her spiritual master; Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj to spread His divine philosophy. 

Please watch this space for more details on event times and locations. Alternatively, you may contact Mr. Virendra Chadha for program details, or to book your own program on 0049-69-231013.

 Radhe Radhe

Sumirana kara le manà, cchina cchina Ràdhàramanà.
O mind! Remain absorbed at every instant in the remembrance of Ràdhàramanà, the Beloved of Shrí Ràdhà (Shrí Krishna).