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Radha Madhav Society (UK)' s Events Blog brings you up-to-date JKP and RMS UK News and information as well as detail on Didi Ji's forthcoming lectures and kirtan programmes in the UK, Hong Kong and India. Click here for photos of past events

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Many devotees get in touch with us to host a sankirtan programme at their residence. During these events Didi Ji beautifully explains each verse of the sankirtan so the audience gains both spiritual knowledge as well as spiritual upliftment through chanting. Do get in touch with us on 0800 043 0902 if you are interested in attending.

5th day: A unique 7 days discourses from Srimad Bhagavat pursnam at Balaji Temple, Oldbury, Birmingham

HH Dr. Bageeshwari devi didiji’s perspective in presenting Srimad Bhagavat Puran was very highly philosophical and unique.  She clearly said that her discourse is not going to be in the form of stories running through from A to Z of Bhagavat puran. She is pulling out the golden thread of Bhakti woven within Bhagavat puran and emphasizing the significant role of Bhakti and love towards Supreme Lord in attaining eternal bliss (by citing the various slokas). The scriptures are like dense forest and it is very difficult to understand. The creator Brahma who has written the Vedas with the grace of Supreme Lord had to read 3 times to understand but could not understand completely.

Yesterday was day 5 and Pujya Didiji talked about Radha Tatva.  She explained that although the narrator of this sacred scripture, Shukdev Paramhansa had not directly mentioned Radharani's name, she permeats the whole of the Bhagvatam and her reference can be found many parts of the scripture with other names such as 'Ramaa' and 'Shri'.  It was explained that if Shukdevji had mentioned the name of Radha, he would go into samadhi for six months and then he wouldn't be able to complete the bhagvat for Parikshit who only had 7 days to live.

At the end of the lecture, Radharani's birthday was celebrated yesterday.    Today, Holi leela will be explained and celebrated and tomorrow it will be Govardhan Leela and also conclusion of the Bhagvatam.