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Many devotees get in touch with us to host a sankirtan programme at their residence. During these events Didi Ji beautifully explains each verse of the sankirtan so the audience gains both spiritual knowledge as well as spiritual upliftment through chanting. Do get in touch with us on 0800 043 0902 if you are interested in attending.

The Importance of Prayer.

Prayer, said William James, "is intercourse with an Ideal Companion". It is talking
directly to God. It has been questioned whether there is any necessity for prayer, arguing
that if there is no God, there is no use of praying to Him; and even if He exists can He
change the laws of karma.

The argument in favour of prayer is that it relieves the mind of tension, which is a natural
result of a life of hurry and worry. Life is not all sweetness, enjoyment and success; it is
drudgery, pain, and failure too. Prayer frees man from anxiety and sustains him in
moment of suffering. In fact, prayer also has a great corrective power and has the capacity
of transforming a man's character. Sincerity is an essential condition for proper prayer.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa said: "When the mind and speech unite in earnestly asking
for a thing, that prayer is answered. Of no avail are the prayers of that man who says with
his mouth, 'These are all Thine, O Lord' and at the same time thinks in his heart that all of
them are his."

The highest type of prayer is contemplation. The devotee surrenders his self-interest and
takes the attitude "Thy will be done". When this attitude matures, the devotee fully
surrenders himself to God and becomes His instrument. Complete resignation to God is
ideal prayer.

Prayer and chanting of God's name are the two things needed to find Him within us. The
moment we know that God is within us, we will feel supremely happy like a child that has
found his missing mother.

Let us all have recourse to prayer for purifying our minds and attaining the highest goal of

H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi