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Radha Madhav Society (UK)' s Events Blog brings you up-to-date JKP and RMS UK News and information as well as detail on Didi Ji's forthcoming lectures and kirtan programmes in the UK, Hong Kong and India. Click here for photos of past events

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Many devotees get in touch with us to host a sankirtan programme at their residence. During these events Didi Ji beautifully explains each verse of the sankirtan so the audience gains both spiritual knowledge as well as spiritual upliftment through chanting. Do get in touch with us on 0800 043 0902 if you are interested in attending.

Shri Sita Ram Deities Unveiling in Bhakti Mandir, Mangarh

MANGARH, Bhakti Mandir:  Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj (Shri Maharaj Ji)  unveiled the Deities of  Lord Ram Ji and Sita Ji this morning.  It was a grand function in Bhakti Mandir. There was Abhishek of our Lord, then Shri Maharaj Ji inaugurated the Garv Grih.    As per the recent keertan lines made by Shri Maharajji " Joi Sita Soi Shyama Joi Ram Soi Shyam" meaning Radha is the same as Sita and Krishna is the same as Ram,  the installation of the deities of Shri Radha Krishna and Shri Sita Ram in Prem Mandir and now in Bhakti Mandir is a practical evidence of the reconciling philosophy of Shri Maharajji.

Shrimad Bhagvatam @ Balaji Temple Birmingham

It is said that the Srimad Bhagavatam begins where the Bhagvat Gita ends!  Srimad Bhagavatam is the Crest Jewel of all Puranas as it focusses totally on ' Bhakti' which is the ONLY process for liberation from material conditioning and attaining Divine Love in this dark age of Kali.

Her Holiness Dr. Bageeshwari Devi's exposition of this book of scripture is Unique. It is not a mere hearing of katha but actually relishing the Divine Nectar of Shri Krishna's Leelas and Love. Please don't miss this most rare opportunity.
(Festivals such as Shri Radharani's birth, Govardhan Puja , Holi etc. will be celebrated along with elating Sankirtan.)

Sunday 13th - Saturday 19th May
7pm to 8:30pm  Daily

At       Balaji Temple Hall
Dudley Road East
Tividale, Birmingham
B69 3DU

Chief guest
Dr S V Sharma MBE
Chair LMC Wolverhampton
Vice Chair West Midlands Regional Council BMA       

Prem Mandir on Aastha Channel. 15.04.2012

Tomorrow, Sunday 15th April, on Aastha there will be a documentary shown on the recently inaugurated Prem Mandir in Vrindavan.   The timings are 9am-9.30am in the morning and then again 6.30pm-7pm in the evening.

Prem Mandir and its surroundings are spread over an area of over 54 acres of land. There are beautiful gardens fountains , attractive glimpses of Shri Radha Krishna such as Govardhan Leela, Kaliya nag daman leela, Jhulan leela etc.  Prem Mandir is a manifest expression of the sweetest nectar of love liberally bestowed by Shyama Shyam to their beloved ones.  Most often the names of temples are based upon the deities installed.  But Shri Maharajji has used the word “Prem” which is greater than God because God is always under the control of love.  That is why he has named the temple as Prem Mandir!
So do not miss this opportunity to watch this special documentary.

Radha Madhav.

Madhav is another name of the Supreme Divine Personality Shri Krishna. The meaning of 'Madhav' is 'Master of Yogmaya'.

Yogmaya is the name of the bliss yielding energy of Shri Krishna. This bliss yielding energy is Shri Radha as one who is worshipped and loved by the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna (Madhav) as She is the source of this bliss.

However, Shri Radha and Shri Krishna are in fact one!

joi radha soi krishna haim, in a mem bheda na mana, 
ika haim hladini sakti aru saktimana ika jana - Bhakti Shatak.

(Meaning: Shri Krishna is the inseparable form of Shri Radha and Shri Radha is the inseparable form of Shri Krishna. Shri Radha is the Hladini Sakti (Bliss Potency) and Shri Krishna is the possessor of this energy)

The Supreme Personality Shri Krishna becomes Shri Radha Krishna in the field of Divine pastimes. These pastimes are eternal as the forms of Shri Radha and Krishna are also eternal.

Shri Radha Madhav ki Jai!

H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi

Who am I? What do I want? How Will I attain it?

These are the three questions that perplex every mind and that need to be answered. Only the soul embodied with a human form can answer these.

In answer to the first question, there are two views held by philosophers.

1. There is an entity called the "soul" apart from the body, which is the self.

2. The body is the self.

These two views can be referred to as Spiritualism and Materialism. Both those who support only Spiritualism or only Materialism are naive, because materialism is essential for development of the self. Maintaining a balance between these two is what true knowledge is.

In answer to the second question, "What do I want?" both the Materialist as well as the Spiritualists declare that they desire happiness which is unlimited and eternal. Though their philosophies are totally contradictory, their goals are the same. Why? This subject requires deep reflection.

The answer to the third question, "How will I attain it?" depends on the answer to the second question. Nevertheless, one thing is evident. It is our practical experience that though we have attained various material goals time and time again, we have not found satisfaction. From this it is evident that we cannot attain true happiness through Materialism, and it is automatically proven that we can attain our goal only through Spiritualism, since there is no third path.

There are eleven main religions in the world today: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism. These religions put forth contradictory views regarding the attainment of true happiness and in fact there are contradictions within the same religion itself.

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj reconciles all these apparently opposing views and reveals a universal path that respects all religions.

H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi

The Importance of Prayer.

Prayer, said William James, "is intercourse with an Ideal Companion". It is talking
directly to God. It has been questioned whether there is any necessity for prayer, arguing
that if there is no God, there is no use of praying to Him; and even if He exists can He
change the laws of karma.

The argument in favour of prayer is that it relieves the mind of tension, which is a natural
result of a life of hurry and worry. Life is not all sweetness, enjoyment and success; it is
drudgery, pain, and failure too. Prayer frees man from anxiety and sustains him in
moment of suffering. In fact, prayer also has a great corrective power and has the capacity
of transforming a man's character. Sincerity is an essential condition for proper prayer.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa said: "When the mind and speech unite in earnestly asking
for a thing, that prayer is answered. Of no avail are the prayers of that man who says with
his mouth, 'These are all Thine, O Lord' and at the same time thinks in his heart that all of
them are his."

The highest type of prayer is contemplation. The devotee surrenders his self-interest and
takes the attitude "Thy will be done". When this attitude matures, the devotee fully
surrenders himself to God and becomes His instrument. Complete resignation to God is
ideal prayer.

Prayer and chanting of God's name are the two things needed to find Him within us. The
moment we know that God is within us, we will feel supremely happy like a child that has
found his missing mother.

Let us all have recourse to prayer for purifying our minds and attaining the highest goal of

H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi

The Key to God Realization.

Longing for God is the only price one has to pay for attaining Him. Generally, people
long for mother, father, husband, wife, even the cat, dog and the canary. While many
have a burning desire for a promotion, the million-dollar lottery, a big home and a
fancy car, rare indeed is the individual who has an intense longing for union with God.

They who have a natural desire for God have worked on it in previous lifetimes. If you
were not born with a longing for God, you will have to develop it in this life. Ask
yourself, “Why do I have such a strong desire for worldly people and material goods?”
Your answer will be, “because they will give me satisfaction and happiness.” So, it is
happiness that you really want; it is satisfaction that you desire. Well, you should
know that God is the source of unlimited happiness, and He is the one who can give
you the ultimate satisfaction.

First understand from the innermost core of your mind that God is the only one who is
yours. Lord Krishna says in the Gita, “The individual soul is an eternal fraction of
Myself”. Because you are the soul, the material world cannot be yours, nor can you be
of the world. Moreover, the material world cannot satisfy the hunger of your soul,
which is divine by nature.

Realize that God alone can fulfill your selfish motive. Then you will accept God to be
your only shelter and Beloved of the soul. Longing for him will follow automatically.

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj writes an inspiring song titled “Gaho Re Man..”,
which is translated in English as follows :

“O my mind! Seek shelter of Lord Krishna’s soft lotus feet. The one you call your
own mother, father, brother, wife, husband, son and daughter will not accompany you
when you leave your body and travel to unknown lands. Moreover, there is no other
way to escape from demons like lust, anger, pride, greed, desire and attachment, except
by surrendering to Shri Krishna. The material world is a mirage, containing not even a
trace of genuine happiness. Wealth, youth and life itself are all temporary,
disappearing like camphor. O foolish mind! You may not be blessed with the human
birth again for a long time. This golden opportunity will not be given to you again and
again, for it is a rare and precious gift. So wake up”.

H.H. Dr Bageeshwari Devi